Cluj Napoca Metro Line construction starts soon

Consortium to Construct Cluj-Napoca Metro Line 1 A significant move towards modern urban transportation is on the horizon in Transylvania Romania. A consortium including Alstom Gulermak and Arcada has been awarded the contract to build the Metro Line 1 in Cluj-Napoca. The project has a value of approximately 1.8 billion EUR. The municipality of Cluj-Napoca […]

New Express Bus Line Launch Cluj Napoca Airport

Cluj airport bus - Photo source: Emil Boc/Facebook

In a recent development, Cluj-Napoca’s public transportation system is about to witness a significant upgrade. CTP Cluj-Napoca, the city’s public transport operator has unveiled plans to launch a new express bus line. Connecting the Airport to the City Center This swift bus service is set to build a direct link from the “Avram Iancu” International […]