Apple is known for its sleek and innovative design but there are a few products that have not lived up to the company’s reputation. In fact, some Apple products have been criticized as being the company’s worst designs ever.

One such product is the “Hockey puck” mouse that was introduced with the iMac G3 in 1998. The mouse was round and had no discernible button making it difficult for users to navigate. Its unusual shape also made it uncomfortable to hold earning it the nickname “the nipple mouse.”

Another product that was widely criticized was the Apple Hi-Fi speaker system which was introduced in 2006. Despite being marketed as a high-end speaker system it lacked basic features such as a remote control or even a way to adjust the bass and treble. It also had a limited compatibility with Apple products making it difficult for users to justify the high price tag.

The 2013 Mac Pro was another design that received negative feedback

Despite its impressive hardware, the cylindrical shape of the Mac Pro made it difficult to upgrade and customize. Its limited expansion options and high price tag made it less appealing to professional users who required the ability to easily modify their hardware.

The butterfly keyboard, introduced with the 2015 MacBook, was also met with criticism. The keyboard’s low profile and minimal travel made it prone to malfunction and difficult to repair. Apple attempted to address the issue with subsequent iterations of the keyboard, but the damage was done and the butterfly keyboard is now considered one of the worst designs in Apple’s history.

While Apple is still widely regarded as a leader in design and innovation, these missteps remind us that even the most successful companies can make mistakes. It remains to be seen if Apple will continue to push the boundaries of design or if they will play it safe in the future.


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