Consortium to Construct Cluj-Napoca Metro Line 1

Picture by Martin Katler,

A significant move towards modern urban transportation is on the horizon in Transylvania Romania. A consortium including Alstom Gulermak and Arcada has been awarded the contract to build the Metro Line 1 in Cluj-Napoca. The project has a value of approximately 1.8 billion EUR. The municipality of Cluj-Napoca spearheads this initiative which promises a fully automated metro line for the city.

Project Overview

Alstom’s share of the total project value approximates 400 million EUR. The multinational corporation is tasked with responsibilities including system integration signaling power supply track works platform doors and the security and control center. Alstom will also manage cybersecurity thus emphasizing the role of digital safety in modern infrastructure projects.

The Significance of Autonomy Level 4

This project is set to break new ground in Romania. For the first time the country will see the introduction of Autonomy Level 4 (GoA4). Alstom plans to implement its high-capacity communication-based train control (CBTC) signaling solution Urbalis. This development marks a significant step towards more automated efficient and secure metro systems.

Cluj-Napoca Metro Line 1: Key Features

The Metro Line 1 in Cluj-Napoca will stretch over 21 kilometers and will include 19 underground stations upon completion. This extensive infrastructure project promises to significantly impact urban mobility in the city.

Project Timeline

The metro line’s construction is projected to span over eight years. The first operational segment however is planned to be up and running in four years. It will offer services to 9 stations across a 9-kilometer stretch.

Alstom’s Commitment to Sustainable Urban Mobility

Gian Luca Erbacci President of the Europe region at Alstom underlines the company’s commitment to sustainable urban mobility. He points out that the Cluj-Napoca metro project is one of the biggest turnkey projects in Europe and presents a unique opportunity to innovate in the Romanian market.

The Metro Line 1 project in Cluj-Napoca marks an important milestone for urban infrastructure development in Romania. It represents an essential shift towards advanced sustainable and secure urban transportation solutions. The successful completion of this project could pave the way for similar advancements in other Romanian cities and beyond.

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