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Transport To/From Cluj Avram Iancu International Airport
Cluj International

Article by: Shazia J. for (c) 2022

Airport (CLJ) is the largest airport in Transylvania. It offers flights to major
cities around Europe. The airport serves routes for domestic destinations as well. If you are
flying into Cluj-Napoca, get to know how to get in or from CLJ to your destination. 
"After you disembark from your plane, the first thing that greets you is a large airport. It's pretty
overwhelming at first sight to see so many people and cars all crowded together, but don't worry!
The airport staff is happy to help guide you through the process of getting out of the airport."

What is the distance of the Avram Iancu International Airport from the city center of Cluj-
Napoca, Romania?
Cluj International Airport has located 8km from the city center.

Are you looking for transport to or from Cluj International Airport (CLJ) in Romania?
Whether you need a taxi, shuttle service (trolley bus), or private car transfer, here are all the
options for getting to and from the airport. So, you can choose the best. Happy travels!

How to go to Cluj Airport from the city center?
If you want to travel from your destination to the Someseni Airport or from Someseni Airport to
the destination, the available choices are to travel by car, bus, taxi, or train. Parking lots are there
in the Cluj Airport located by the terminals. There's also a taxi service outside the Arrival
terminal or on-call (+40 744 220). The fare is at a flat rate. Transport details are:
By Car:
It takes 20 minutes to reach the Cluj Airport if you travel by car.
By Bus: 
If you opt for a bus, it takes approx. 25 min to the Cluj Airport. You have two choices here: 
Bus line 5:
During weekdays Bus line 5 of the public transport system runs from Cluj city-center to Cluj-
Napoca airport. It serves from 5:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. after every 10 minutes intervals. For
weekends shuttle interval is every 20 minutes. The distance between the bus stop and airport
terminal is 200m.

Can I buy a ticket from Bus driver?
You can purchase a ticket through a vending machine or from service desks located by bust stop.
The price of a one-way ticket is 2.50 RON. 
At the airport bus stop of the bus line, 5 (Piata Garii) is at the fore of the railway station of Cluj
International airport. At the city center bus stops are:
 Constanta (Regionala CFR Bus Station)
 Sora and Central

Bus line 8
Another bus service is bus line 8 serves from the city center (Mihal Viteazul Square) to the Cluj
Airport and leaves for Cluj-Napoca Airport every 20 min. It covers the distance in 15-20 min.
The shuttle serves between 04:55 a.m. and 10:07 p.m. during weekdays. 
Another available Transport to/from option is a Taxi ride. You can reserve a taxi from the outer
side of the Arrival terminal at Cluj International Airport, Romania. We suggest negotiating the
rates before starting the ride. Taxi drivers are cooperative and friendly.
If you opt for a train ride to go to Someseni Airport, Romania, we suggest taking a bus or taxi to
reach the train station. The train station is 3km from the city center Cluj-Napoca. Train tickets
are available at the Train station in Romania. Tickets prices are uniform in Cluj-Napoca and are
accessible to all day.

Is there any Tram or Metro available at the CLJ?
No, the only public transport available at the Cluj Airport is a bus or, you can hire a taxi.

Does the Cluj International Airport offer a Parking Facility at Cluj International Airport?
The parking lot is on the Airport premises outside the terminal. Both the short-term as well as
long-stay parking are there. You can easily walk from the parking area to the terminal. GOTO
Parking SRI is the organizer of the car parking area. 

The parking fares at Cluj International Airport Romania are as follows:

   Parking (time)  Fare
   1 hour 9 RON
  24 hours 57 RON
   48 hours 121 RON
  72 hours 210 RON
  1 week 267 RON
  2 weeks 407 RON
  3 weeks 547 RON
 If you have your advanced plan to allot parking, you have an option to reserve online.

What are the attractions for tourists around Cluj-Napoca, Romania?
 Bucovina and Painted Monasteries
 Medieval City Exploration Game 
 Two to Three hours Pedestrians Tour
 Sighisoara
 Turda Salt Mine and Alba Carolina Fortress 
 Mara Mures

Where to Stay at Cluj-Napoca?
 Hotel Capitolina Chic, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
 Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Cluj City Plaza, Cluj-Napoca
 Grand Hotel Napoca, Cluj-Napoca
Are there Hotels near Cluj-Napoca International Airport (CLJ), Romania?
Yes, there are hotels near Airport:
 Univers T Hotel, Cluj-Napoca
 Pensiunea Zbor, Cluj-Napoca
When does the Cluj International Airport open?
Cluj International Airport provides services 24 hours.
What is CLJ?
Cluj “Avram lancu” International Airport in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Do the Airlines follow Covid-19 safety measures?
Yes, some Airlines follow social distancing and enforce COVID-19 rules for travelers. A few of
these airlines are: 
 Wizz Air
 Blue Air
Can I avail myself bus service to the city center of Cluj-Napoca If my flight arrives late at
the CLJ?
You can have bus service till 10:30 at night. For late hours you can avail yourself of a taxi ride. 
Is there any currency exchange facility at the Cluj Airport?
Yes, money exchange services and banks are available at Cluj International Airport.
Where can I have free Wi-Fi access at CLJ?
You can access free Wi-Fi at the Departure lounge and Business Lounge.
Can I have direct bus lines from the airport premises to tourist places in Cluj-Napoca?
No, for that you must go to the Main Station.
How is the bus service from the airport terminal to the plane?
The busses are spacious, comfortable and airconditioned. 
Is the Airport Building spacious to accommodate heavy traffic of passengers?
The airport building is small, but it is a busy airport.

Article by: Shazia J. for (c) 2022