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Welcome to the our website about Cluj-airport. On our website you will find destinations, arrivals, departures, flights, and essential informations about Cluj-Napoca Airport. Where is Cluj-Napoca? Cluj-Napoca is Romanian is a historic city that was once a part of Hungary. The mix between East and West cultures has created an interesting culture for visitors looking to experience the authentic side of Europe without having traveled too far away from home. This historic region of Europe is a mix of allure and wonder.& Cluj Airport is in Cluj-Napoca, generally known as Cluj. One of the densely populated cities in Romania. It is commonly called the unofficial capital of Transylvania.  Our website aims to let you avoid wasting time while visiting our homeland of Cluj-Napoca. We provide information you need to know, airline routes, and flight schedules to and from Cluj- airport all over the world. You can easily access the destination opportunity that suits you the best through given flight schedules.  This site serves as a tool to help finalize a meeting schedule or holiday trip based on your plan and budget. Book non-stop flights for an uninterrupted trip. Get access to the list of low-cost flights and transit options for budget friendly trips.  We can also plan your tour of Transylvania, and offer the best packages for hotels, local restaurants, local food, and more. We are also listed in B & B, so you can pick what fits best for you.  Thank you for checking into our website. You are free to scroll through the website to search for related information. You can check the Transport To/From section to know which transportation services best suit you.


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