Cluj airport bus - Photo source: Emil Boc/Facebook
Cluj airport bus – Photo source: Emil Boc/Facebook

In a recent development, Cluj-Napoca’s public transportation system is about to witness a significant upgrade. CTP Cluj-Napoca, the city’s public transport operator has unveiled plans to launch a new express bus line.

Connecting the Airport to the City Center

This swift bus service is set to build a direct link from the “Avram Iancu” International Airport to Mihai Viteazul Square; a bustling area in the heart of the city. The service scheduled to start in May will cater to both the arrivals and departures terminals at the city’s main international airport.

An Addition to the Regular Lines

The city’s mayor, Emil Boc shared that this supplementary express A1E line will boost the existing services of CTP Cluj-Napoca. These include routes 5 and 8 which primarily operate around the airport region. The price for a single trip on this bus line? A very reasonable RON 6 (as of May 2023)

Electric Buses for a Green Future

Mayor Boc also highlighted the green initiative behind the new service: electric buses! These eco-friendly vehicles will be deployed on the A1E line, entering the airport’s parking lots at both terminals. This ensures direct access to public transportation straight from the airport.

Operational Schedule

According to the official CTP website you can catch these buses as early as 5 a.m. on weekdays with buses arriving every 30 minutes to an hour. Weekend travelers, take note: the schedule will be a bit different.

A Win for Residents and Tourists

CTP Cluj-Napoca affirmed that this new service, powered by electric buses will create a direct link between the city center and the airport. This makes for a quick and convenient transportation option perfect for both Cluj residents and visitors.

This article has been developed by using information sourced from Romania Insider, which can be accessed here.

Read on to discover more about the bus routes, timings and other helpful tips to make your journey around Cluj-Napoca as smooth as possible. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor this article is an excellent resource for understanding the city’s public transportation landscape better.

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