Cluj Airport’s Renovations Elicit Turbulent Passenger Feedback

Unrest at the Gates: Cluj Airport’s Renovations Elicit Turbulent Passenger Feedback As the walls of Cluj Napoca Airport reverberate with the sounds of renovation, the chorus of passenger frustrations grows louder, a telling sign of an infrastructure and service lagging behind expectations. The airport’s ambitious journey towards modernization has been met with a bumpy ride, […]

Cluj Airport Expansion May Have Short Delay

Cluj-Napoca’s Avram Iancu International Airport has embarked on a significant expansion project for its North side passenger departure terminal, an investment totaling RON 365.7 million (EUR 73.7 million). However, there are indications that the construction works might extend beyond the planned timeline. The ambitious project aims to expand the departure terminal by approximately 7,200 square […]

Poor reviews of Business Lounge Cluj Airport: Key Issues and How to Improve

Why Cluj Airport’s Business Lounge Gets Poor Reviews: Key Issues and How to Improve Cluj International Airport serves as a gateway to the vibrant city of Cluj and the broader region of Transylvania in Romania. While the airport expands and modernizes, its Business Lounge has faced a barrage of negative reviews. This article examines the […]

Hello World! A very First Post

Get ready to join us on an exciting journey and explore the many wonders of Cluj Airport and Cluj-Napoca. From beautiful landscapes to delicious food, there’s something for everyone in this enchanting corner of Romania. Keep an eye out for our first post and let’s embark on this adventure together! Are you a frequent traveler […]