Why Cluj Airport’s Business Lounge Gets Poor Reviews: Key Issues and How to Improve

Cluj International Airport serves as a gateway to the vibrant city of Cluj and the broader region of Transylvania in Romania. While the airport expands and modernizes, its Business Lounge has faced a barrage of negative reviews. This article examines the main issues raised by visitors and offers suggestions for improvement.

Limited Food and Beverage Options

Visitors express disappointment with the poor selection and quality of food and drinks available in the lounge. The lack of items like small bottles of mineral water, sugar-free drinks, yoghurts, and croissants has frustrated guests. Travelers have found better options even in countries with lower GDPs. Improving the variety and quality of offerings is crucial to enhancing the airport’s image.

Ignoring Customer Feedback

Negative reviews suggest the management is not proactive in addressing concerns. With the lounge’s quality deteriorating over the years, it seems customer feedback is not taken seriously. Actively working to improve based on user input can help repair the lounge’s reputation.

Overcrowding and Insufficient Seating

—— Cluj Airport Bussiness Lounge

Visitors highlight the lack of seating and overcrowded conditions in the lounge. To meet the expectations of travelers in a vibrant city like Cluj, the lounge needs to provide a comfortable and spacious environment. Expanding seating capacity is essential for improving the overall appeal.

Prioritizing Profit Over Customer Satisfaction

Some reviewers feel the lounge prioritizes making money over providing a quality experience. The substandard offerings and lack of seating suggest that management may be more concerned with maximizing profit than enhancing customer satisfaction. Balancing profit goals with customer needs can lead to a more enjoyable experience for guests.

—— Unhealthy food reviewers expressed their concerns.

To improve Cluj International Airport’s Business Lounge reputation, it’s crucial to address visitor concerns. Investing in better food and beverage options, taking customer feedback seriously, and creating a more comfortable environment can transform the lounge into a welcoming space for travelers. As the airport continues to grow, it’s essential that its Business Lounge meets the expectations of its diverse clientele. Examples of successful lounges in other airports include offering locally sourced and fresh food options, providing a range of seating options, and showcasing local art and culture to create a unique and enjoyable atmosphere.

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